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Hello everyone~ I thought I should post a journal linking to other MapleStory clubs on dA (and I guess non-MapleStory ones too?) since this club is pretty much dead on admin activity due to the owner being inactive and I see so many MapleStory related clubs that are actually active being overlooked. ;o;
This will basically play as the "affiliates" list in other words.

MapleStory related:

**If you would like to add a MapleStory club that I didn't list up there, feel free to link me to the club in this journal and I'll put it up in there. **

Non-MapleStory related:

I'm obviously not going to list every single club everyone is in...but if you're an admin of one or more (contributor, co-founder, founer), do leave your links to the club(s) in your comment in this journal. I'd like to help people get some activity for their clubs!

IGNs of your characters
Can't join as contributor/can't submit stuff to the club? See here
Journal Entries List
I've noticed some people trying to join as a contributor to submit their art but they're saying that they can't anymore (according to the comments I've been reading on the page lately). I'm assuming that there's a limit to how many people can be even be one.

Can any of the members even submit their own art to the folders without being a contributor? If not, this is a problem because both the founder and co-founder of the group are inactive (according to what I'm seeing from their pages) to control this mess.

Of course I'm not an admin myself but...

For those of you who have old accounts and they're still in contributor status, I highly suggest that you remove your status as 'contributor' on your old account. If there really is a limit on how many people can be contributors, I honestly don't think it's fair for you to clog up the contributor space; especially if your new account is a contributor as well. I've been seeing a few "MOVED" accounts from the list and it's bothering me lol.

I know that newcomers will eventually fill up the spots anyways but it's better than nothing right? =/

If you can think of an alternate solution, do post here; just remember that contributors don't exactly have admin powers. :L

Post the MapleStory related clubs as well so peeps can join them too (and hopefully get to submit their stuff with ease).
IGNs of your characters
Hey guys.
I realized there hasn't been a post about this yet but I would think that at least 1 person would be interested in this.
Anywho, why don't we post all of our IGNs, whether they are banned, not played anymore, or is currently your main/active and what world you're in : ).
Seems like our wining made Mr.B realize something didn't it? The section is still very small but let's put some work into making it something good C:…

Mr.B is still reading into the other parts of the ticket. Kevvl said the ticket and the section are unrelated to each other. But let's just feel good about ourselves for a little.
The entry:


SUGGESTIONS ARE COMPLETELY WELCOME. Please comment on the basil thread to show your support.


I am Suzan, a 17 year old Graphic/Digital art student from the Netherlands. I'll get right to the point. I'm outing my mind together and for a lot of other artists who create and post for and on BasilMarket.

I already announced and told a lot of people that I have stopped creating Maplestory art. This is mostly because I'm not really playing the game anymore. But, I'm also very turned off by the screenshot acceptance on BasilMarket.

I want to make three things very clear before I really start to point out what there is to dislike.

1.I'm NOT alone in this situation. I have put this to attention with many other artists who regularly post on DeviantArt and BasilMarket.
2.We want the moderators and admins to understand what they are dealing with. We are artists and some of us work a sheer minimum of 5 hours on their work. We find it painful to have it disregarded like it sometimes is on this website.
3.We FULLY understand that BasilMarket is NOT an art website like DeviantArt. We have NO intention of changing this or demanding anything like it. We only want to make it fair. Please take this SERIOUSLY. Don't simply suspend me and delete this thread. Or lock it before we can have a real discussion. I'm sorry for being rude like this, but we all know moderators here are a bit... quick to decide when it comes to things like this.

I have asked artists what their problems were regarding the screenshot submission. I have carefully read everything.

If you are interested in everything we have written on DeviantArt, please follow this link:…

[b]Current points:[/b]

Note: Some points might seem strange and stupid, but I will explain them all as good as I can.

- Rejected because of advertising.
- Rejected because it's inappropriate.
- Frontpage, likes and medals.
- Moderators not paying enough attention to art thieves.
- Not being able to contact moderators easily enough to discuss problems like these.

[b]Rejected because of advertising.[/b]

Advertising and watermarks showing our DA pages or websites ARE NOT THE SAME.

There are MANY art thieves on BasilMarket. A watermark shows to who the art belongs to. It's a proper link back to the original post. A watermark isn't something we change simply because one website doesn't want you to get viewers on your DA. It is something we keep forever and will only change when you change your DA, website or whatever you are using.

I used to post my DA link in EVERY piece of art I had created. And it kept being denied. At a certain moment, I gave up and wrote “Sky-e @ DA”. Which is nearly the same thing. As many people know what DA is. As I disliked using this as my watermark, I decided to use my personal [url”…. Even though this should also be considered advertising, artwork with my logo does NOT get rejected.
A few comments regarding watermarks and advertising had been placed on the DA blog. How people had the same problems with this.

Watermarks aren't the only thing we can involve in this “advertising” problem. Giving credits is a major issue on this website. Many comics have used content from MapleMation, MapleTV (In the past, as this forum has died down. But I'm 100% certain I saw resources from this forum used here), Mapleology (Not completely sure about MO, but it's an example) or Bannedstory Background Forums.

These forums make it very clear in their rules that you are NOT allowed to use their resources without linking back to their forum. As it's a lot of work to extract, sprite or create certain resources, it's very surprising that we can usually get a hold of them for free or get a hold of them at all. (Excluding the post requirement you need on certain forums). Though, a link back is always required.

From my own experience, I KNOW that placing a link in the description to the forum in question is considered as advertising. [b]Sorry but, it is not.[/b]

What we want:

1.Become allowed to post our DA/Website/W.E as a watermark.
2.Become able to give proper credit to the forums we take resources from. And even have the staff encourage members to do this.

[b]Rejected because it's inappropriate.[/b]

This speaks for itself. A moderator rejected this because it was inappropriate (even though I said I would take out the text) and told me it would only lure out trolls. I noticed that a lot of artists recalled this certain artwork of a naked girl who's bathrobe was falling off whilst having her private parts censored.

My reaction to this: “WHAT?”.

If it would only lure out trolls, we might as well also reject all the god-ugly art works and the HII BASIL screenshots.

What we want:

1. Be consistent. Set a certain line to what is inappropriate and to what is not. Don't give other artists a green card while others get a red. Don't prefer people over each other.

[b]Frontpaging, liking and medals.[/b]

Let us compare a few frontpaged artworks and a few artworks which not got frontpaged in the same period of time:

[url”… got frontpaged. [url”… did not.
[url”… got frontpaged. [url”… did not.

(Sorry, I'm only posting 2 examples. It should be clear enough but I think it's a little degrading when I degrade people's art like that).

In any case, it's clear that it's unfair and probably even random what they frontpage. The things on the frontpage, also get more likes than work that have not been frontpaged. Making it entirely depend on luck and even how much you are liked by the mods, how much likes you get (and which medal you get). I have worked for 8 hours on [url=”… art[/url] and I still didn't get it front paged. Even though I thought it was absolutely the best I have ever created.

How can we ever get to a certain amount of likes if we don't even know if the art we really work hard for is going to be frontpaged? It's rather demotivating.

The amount of time art is in the front page is different everytime. Sometimes art is on there for 1 hour and whooped off by horrible things like this HII BASSASSILLLLLL screens (Yes, they really are hated >:[).

What we want:

1.A closer look to what gets frontpaged.
2.It being actually worth looking at what gets frontpaged.
3.Perhaps a certain function that people can vote to what gets frontpaged.
4.IDEA: For one week, people will be able to give likes to art (after that week as well of course). And the art with the most likes gets frontpaged for an entire week. In that certain week people will be able to like other art that has been newly submitted and view the art on the front page at that certain moment. After a week, the art is taken off for the new liked art.

[b]Moderators not paying enough attention to art thieves.[/b]

Sometimes it takes ages before Art stolen by someone is taken off. Or it's not taken off entirely. Also, art from basil is being stolen and submitted to competitions. I will keep it short on this one. This can be easily solved by encouraging people to post watermarks showing some website or their DA when they post their art.

What we want:

1.Encourage people to use watermarks.
2.Pay more attention to art thieves. Members usually make it clear that art is stolen. Making it easy as hell for mods to take care of it.

[b]Moderators not being clear when rejecting art.[/b]

Moderators need to be clear when it comes to rejecting art. We need to know EXACTLY what we need to change. Simply saying “Inappropriate” doesn't cut it.

[b]Not being able to contact moderators easily enough to discuss problems like these.[/b]

Do I really have to explain? I think the entire forum thinks this is a problem.

Finally, I want to make clear that there might be points I have missed. Please consider everything I have said in name of nearly all the artists around here.

I have cramp in my fingers.